About our company

Fire Light Ltd. was established in 2007 based on more than a decade of lighter wholesale experience by Sándor Czibla who is the current managing director. This year the firm has started to cooperate with the Dutch-based Unilight Corporation and became the exclusive distributor of Unilight lighters on the Hungarian market. Fire Light Ltd. has become the market leader on the domestic market in 2008 thanks to the enthusiastic work, the strong international background and the high-quality product portfolio of which position is still preserved on the Hungarian market.

The company gained significant successes in 2012 as we introduced our own brand – Firelight match and lighter – to the domestic market that is represent a new color in the Hungarian lighter palette.

Regarding plastic lighters and BBQ lighters our product portfolio is extremely wide: it spreads from the cheapest flint lighters through special shapes ones to gemstone lighters, LED lighters and Turbo lighters. In point of BBQ lighter portfolio there are many shapes such as normal , mini ,flexible and different unique designs .

Although our main profile covers selling lighters and BBQ lighters but we deal with selling many kinds of smoking accessories as well.

Our company earned Bisnode AA certification, a solvency excellence rating with high standards that only 1.75 percent of Hungarian firms are qualified to achieve it and Bisnode certificate indicate the stability of our partners.

Our main aim is to try to increase our product portfolio successively thus we started to create our own brands what represent the firm’s commodities as called MATTEO and ADAMO.