About our company

We are proudly introducing our company, FireLight Ltd., which has been dealing with the wholesale of lighters and smoking accessories since its foundation in 2007.

The more than a decade of experience, the dedicated work, the strong international background and the high-quality product range that meets in all respects the strict standards have borne fruit, thanks to which FireLight Kft. became the market leader in the domestic market in 2008, and has maintained this position since.

It is our important aspiration that the preparatory work of our products takes place in Hungary, we're entrusting Hungarian specialists with the compilation of lighter samples, box and stand designs, and all other non-production work. We wish to satisfy the needs of market participants with high-quality and an extremely wide range of products, and our firm goal is that they choose our Adamo and Matteo brands - which are our company's best-known own brands - with complete satisfaction not only in Hungary, but also in other parts of the world.

Firelight lighter centre

We have formulated our values in the slogan “We bring light into your life”, because through our products we help our customers to experience holidays or even their daily activities and experiences. Fire, as one of the four ancient elements, is present in every part of our lives, be it summer baking on the waterfront or a birthday cake, or perhaps a sparkler decorating the Christmas tree.

Our product range is extremely wide in the aspect of plastic lighters: from the simplest flint lighters, through custom shapes to LED, USB and even gemstone lighters. One thing this variety of products have in common is quality. With us, the best prices are always accompanied by guaranteed quality, which is supported by internationally accepted TÜV certificates.

Firelight lighter centre

In addition to the world-class product range and design, our core values are: excellent value for money, a world-wide unique product range and an attractive color scheme.

Development is very important for us, as well as maintaining our company’s upscale position in the segment of lighters and smoking accessories, both domestically and internationally. To achieve this, we are constantly expanding our product portfolio and following the trends dictated by the market.

Firelight lighter storage

The year 2020 was another huge milestone in the life of FireLight Ltd., as we expanded our company’s portfolio with a new division. In this new section, we are dealing with products that fully cover hygiene. Our most popular products are our own brand of R-ON hand sanitizers, dispensing stations with thermometer, hand sanitizer liquids and gels, but there is also a high demand for rubber gloves and various types of face masks. The strength of our company is that we have an insight into our products from the from design through production to delivery to the customer, thus creating high quality products that meet all needs.

We hope to welcome you in the camp of our satisfied customers in the future!

Enter the colorful world of lighters!